We are now offering a package of contractor training, based around 2 complementary training modules. You can take the first 2 days as a stand-alone module, or if you would like to gain accreditation, you can go on to complete the revision session and exam.

Passivhaus Contractor Training

Length: 2 days

A unique 2-day course looking at the practical side of low energy buildings. Ideal for site managers, builders and clients involved in any level of construction. The course centres on core Passivhaus (fabric-first) building strategies that are suitable for both new build and renovation projects, and is taught through a mix of theory and hands–on practical sessions.

This is one of the only courses in the UK that covers all the essential aspects of low-energy construction, including what it means practically when implemented on site. Our training provides knowledge & expertise in key aspects of fabric-first construction for both new build and retrofit.

The course covers the following areas:
  • Energy standards and Passivhaus principles
  • Fundamental aspects for achieving Passivhaus, including insulation, high-performance glazing, airtightness, thermal bridging and ventilation
  • How to ensure quality is delivered on site
Hands-on sessions are site specific and will typically include the following:
  • Insulation – looking at insulation types, installing insulation (wood fibre) to avoid thermal bypass
  • Airtightness – installing membranes to different substrates with a variety of tapes & adhesives
  • Blower door test – understanding what to look for when a building is tested
  • Practical calculations & exercises on airtightness and thermal bridging
Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Revision Session and Exam

Length: 0.5 days (revision) + 0.5 days (exam), on the same day

This optional session builds on the contractor training to prepare you for taking the Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Exam and gaining this internationally-recognised qualification. Those who qualify can use the Passivhaus Tradesperson logo and will be registered on the global database for the next 5 years.

Please note: completing this course does not qualify participants for Certified European Passivhaus (CEPH) Designer status. If you wish to become a CEPH Designer, please take our Passivhaus Designer Course.

Upcoming Courses


November 2019

Tradesperson Exam Revision Session    – 15th November (AM)
Tradesperson Exam – 15th November (PM)

Manchester B

November 2019

Contractor Training Day 1 – 7th November
Contractor Training Day 2 – 8th November
Tradesperson Exam Revision Session    – 15th November (AM)
Tradesperson Exam – 15th November (PM)


November 2019

Contractor Training Day 1     – 12th November
Contractor Training Day 2 – 13th November
NB: no exam will be taking place in Carlisle. Those taking the
course in Carlisle are invited to take the exam revision session
and sit the exam in Glasgow.


February 2020

Contractor Training Day 1 – 6th February
Contractor Training Day 2 – 7th February
Tradesperson Exam Revision Session    – 15th February (AM)
Tradesperson Exam – 15th February (PM)

Host a Course at Your Venue

Would you like to host a Contractor Training course at your place of work or other venue? This could be private or public, and may or may not include the Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson’s exam, according to your preferences. Please get in touch (details at the top of the page).

Course Flyer (PDF)

The full course details in handy PDF format.

Got a question? Contact the Training Team on 01752 542546 or email training @ peterwarm.co.uk

2020 Training Dates

We will be running 2-day contractor training courses at various locations like Manchester, Carlisle, Glasgow, London and Plymouth during the following weeks:

  • 1st week of February with optional exam on the 15th February.
  • Last week of April with optional exam on the 15th May.
  • First week of May with optional exam on the 15th May.
  • First week of November with optional exam on the 14th November.

Contact us for specific dates on training @ peterwarm.co.uk

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